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GIVVI'S OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE - Givvi's official page on Facebook
GIVVI ON FACEBOOK - Givvi's personal profile on Facebook
GIVVI ON TWITTER - Givvi's personal profile on twitter

Voice Related

G-VOX - Givvi's web site for up-to-date private contemporary vocal tuition
VOCALIST INTERNATIONAL DISTANCE LEARNING ACADEMY - Flexible learning for singers and teachers
RIA KEEN - Online home of the contemporary vocal expert, Dr. Ria Keen
THE MODERN VOCALIST - The Number One Community for Singers on the Web
VOCAL CARE - Vocal Care for Singers and Vocalists

Folks Who Kindly Let Givvi Sing With Them

GINGER - Online home of the legendary Wildhearts frontman
JACKDAW4 - London based Ecclecto-Power-Pop geniuses
EUREKA MACHINES - Bunch of talented lunatic muso types from Leeds
GOD DAMN WHORES - MySpace profile of 'Random' Jon Poole and his whores
WOLFSBANE - Recently reformed Midlands rockers
THE LOYALTIES - London punk rock featuring Rich Jones and Tom Spencer

Awesome Folk

BANDS ON STAGE - Music photography by the wonderful Trudi Knight
ASH TV - Makers of fantastic music videos and other video goodies for bands and artists!
TOO MANY ROBOTS - A UK based Independent Record label & Management company, putting out Electric Six and Jackdaw4 amongst others!
DEVIL CITY DESIGN - Prints of darkness - Designers of the stunning Givvi EP cover
EXIT INTERNATIONAL - Givvi's newest musical find, featuring some astonishing vocal athletics

Design Links

STREAMLINE DESIGN - Givvi's graphic design venture
STREAMLINE WEB - Affordable web design