The Dowling Poole - Bleak Strategies


01/12/2014 A Kiss On The Ocean

The Dowling Poole have released their new single from the 'Bleak Strategies' album, 'A Kiss On The Ocean'!

The Dowling Poole - 'A Kiss On The Ocean' EP

The new EP features the tracks 'A Kiss On The Ocean', new song 'Fuck You, Goodbye', 'The Straw Man' and a live acoustic version of 'Hey Stranger' which was recorded in Manchester. The best news? All four tracks are available for the frankly ridiculous price of 99p!

Head over the The Dowling Poole's Bandcamp page to download the EP now!

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25/11/2014 The Dowling Poole play Rouen

The Dowling Poole have announced their first live show in France!

The Dowling Poole live in Rouen, France

The band are playing at an all day event at Bar Le Verre à Soi, Rouen, on Saturday 13th December 2014. Willie, Jon & Givvi will hit the stage at 4pm, so make sure you get there early!

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22/09/2014 Uber Rock review TDP

Uber Rock have released a wonderful review for 'Bleak Strategies' by The Dowling Poole

They proclaim "‘Bleak Strategies’ is something of a monument that all records should aspire to..." Very nice!

You can read the full review here.

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16/08/2014 TDP September tour

Hot on the heels of their appearance on BBC Radio 6, The Dowling Poole have announced an acoustic tour for September!

The Dowling Poole September 2014 acoustic tour

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13/08/2014 TDP on BBC Radio 6

The Dowling Poole will be appearing on BBC Radio 6 tonight with Marc Riley!

The show starts at 7pm, and The Dowling Poole will be performing 3 songs through the show. This is also the first 'full band' performance by the band!

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08/07/2014 Dowling speaks!

Willie had this to say following The Dowling Poole's recent debut live shows...

"Myself, Jon Poole and Givvi Flynn would like to extend a warm thank you to all who came to our pledge gigs in London, Leeds and Birmingham over the weekend. As you may have gathered we were very nervous and had no idea what to expect. In the event, all 3 shows were fantastic fun and we can't wait to do it again soon."

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07/07/2014 FREE Press gig!

The Dowling Poole have announced a special one-off FREE gig at 12 Bar, London on 15th July!

"Due to the press cogs moving faster than expected, we are playing a special 30 minute set next week at the 12 Bar for some press VIP’s.

This is where you come in!

We want to let in 30-50 fans (and Pledgers) for FREE to help provide some atmosphere and to ensure a good night is had by all.

If you can get to the 12 Bar Club, on Denmark Street, London next Tuesday 15th July at 6.30pm (with a showtime at 7pm) then please email with the names of those attending so we can add you to the list and email you the ticket to print out.

IMPORTANT: Please only request tickets/guestlist if you can DEFINITELY attend the event.

Thank you for your continued support x"

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06/07/2014 Review of TDP live!

The Song Has Already Been Sung have reviewed the first two live shows by The Dowling Poole!

"Interspersed with some tracks drawn from the wealth of both Dowling and Poole’s back catalogues, there were songs here for every fan. Songs that make you dance. Songs that make you cry with the unfairness of life. Songs that remind you why it’s good to be alive."

Click here for the review.

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05/06/2014 Pure Rawk review TDP

Pure Rawk have reviewed 'Bleak Strategies' and have scored it 4.5 / 5!

"Bleak Strategies is a psychedelic power pop experience which blasts you with aural sunshine goodness. Superbly produced and with fantastically written and performed songs, this should be the soundtrack to your summer."

You can read the full review here.

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30/06/2014 More momentum for TDP

Things are really starting to move in The Dowling Poole camp now, with several tracks from 'Bleak Strategies' getting played on the radio!

Planet Rock and BBC Radio 6 have both been showing some love to The Dowling Poole recently. Cheers guys!

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21/06/2014 Another great review!

I see a pattern here. Power Popaholic have reviewed 'Bleak Strategies' declaring "This is an essential 'do-not-miss' album, that makes my top ten list for 2014. I’m sure it’ll move to major distribution soon, but get it at PledgeMusic now."

Here is the review in full.

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13/06/2014 TDP to support The Yo Yo's

Givvi will be joining The Dowling Poole at Camden's Barfly on 4th July as they support The Yo Yo's on their Sonisphere warm up show!

The Dowling Poole support The Yo Yo's

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10/06/2014 More love for TDP!

Yet another glowing review for The Dowling Poole's 'Bleak Strategies' has appeared!

Musical Free Dumb think that "‘Bleak Strategies’ is easily on of the best albums of 2014 so far and it should be heard by as many people as possible." We're inclined to agree.

Here is the review in full.

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04/06/2014 Another TDP review

Another review for The Dowling Poole's debut album, 'Bleak Strategies', has appeared online!

The Song Has Already Been Sung declare "If you haven’t already pledged on this album, there is still time. Get on it now! Click this link right here and give these good people some money. In return they will give you ten of the finest tracks that money can buy."

You can read the full review here.

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03/06/2014 'Bleak Strategies' review

The first review for 'Bleak Strategies' by The Dowling Poole has surfaced!

Sinister Angels Realm give high praise for the album, stating "This album is just fantastic, much in the same way as A Night At The Opera and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club are. Genius really does border on madness! 10/10"

You can read the full review here.

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02/06/2014 Live Shows with The Dowling Poole

Having enjoyed her studio experience with the boys so much, and following the hugely successful digital launch of ‘Bleak Strategies’, Givvi is delighted to announce that in addition to appearing on The Dowling Poole’s new album, she will also be joining Willie and Jon for their exclusive, intimate Pledge live shows this summer.

The Dowling Poole

The dates are as follows;

  • Friday July 4th - London
  • Saturday July 5th - Leeds
  • Sunday July 6th - Birmingham
  • The only way to gain entry to these gigs is to visit PledgeMusic and pledge for the relevant show which promises to be a harmony-laden, power-pop-tastic evening - you’ll also get a signed CD of the album!

    In addition to your Pledge exclusive, you also get access to free tracks, video updates, the latest news and much more. Pledge NOW!

    The Dowling Poole on PledgeMusic
    The Dowling Poole on PledgeMusic

    The Dowling Poole on Facebook
    The Dowling Poole on Facebook

    The Dowling Poole on Twitter
    The Dowling Poole on Twitter

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    01/05/2014 G-A-S-S

    Ginger Wildheart today launches his new project, G-A-S-S.

    A brand new fan-club, Ginger Associated Secret Society, will run for 12 months and will release 3 brand new tracks a month.

    So, why are we telling you this? Well, Givvi is on two of the first three tracks!

    G-A-S-S, Everything

    Giv sings on the tracks 'Everything' and 'Bloody Knees', and they are both absolute crackers!

    You can sign up for G-A-S-S here.

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    21/04/2014 The Dowling Poole

    You may have noticed that two of Giv's friends, Willie Dowling & Jon Poole, have been recording together and are set to release their debut album as The Dowling Poole via PledgeMusic.

    The Dowling Poole Pledge campaign

    We can now reveal that Givvi is also a part of this new project! Giv went over to France last year to put vocals on the album, and we can confirm that the album is an absolute stunner!

    You can pledge for the album here. And you should. You so should!

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    07/03/2014 Pure Rawk Awards

    It's the Pure Rawk awards, and Givvi's debut album, 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest', missed out on the Album of the Year award which went to the ever awesome Eureka Machines.

    It is fantastic to see the hard work by Giv, Eli & Jay recognised though. Many thanks for your votes!

    Massive congratulations to Eureka Machines! x

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    18/02/2014 Less than 2 weeks left to vote!

    There are now less than 2 weeks left to vote for Givvi's debut album, 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest', at the 2014 Pure Rawk Awards!!

    TFTMN has been nominated by readers of the Pure Rawk web site in the 'Album of the year' category!

    As a thank-you to everyone who has voted (and those about to vote...) we have uploaded a video of Givvi and Willie Dowling singing 'What Goes Around'. This video was part of the Jackdaw4 PledgeMusic campaign for their final studio album, 'Dissecticide'. Thanks to Willie for the video!

    Click here to go to the Pure Rawk Award site to cast your votes!

    P.S. Vote for Jackdaw4's 'Dissecticide' while you're there!

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    03/01/2014 TFTMN nominated for Pure Rawk Award!

    Givvi's debut album, 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest', has been nominated in the 'Album of the year' category at the 2014 Pure Rawk Awards!!

    Pure Rawk Awards 2014

    TFTMN sits along side albums from Eureka Machines, Hey! Hello!, Jonny Cola and the A-Grades, Obsessive Compulsive and Teenage Casket Company for the award, which was nominated by readers of the Pure Rawk web site.

    Giv's response to this was simply "Got nominated... Holy shit!!!"

    Click here to go to the Pure Rawk Award site to cast your votes!

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    01/01/2014 2013 - What a year!

    So, 2013 was a bit good wasn't it?!

    There were theatre shows, studio recordings, live shows and of course the phenomenal success of 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest'!

    "Big love and thanks for all of your support in 2013 - wishing everyone an amazing 2014! Love Giv xx"

    Let's see what 2014 brings!

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    21/12/2013 'Seven Day Summer' on a list!

    Musical Free Dumb have listed 'Seven Day Summer' as one of their top songs of 2013!

    Talking about 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest', MFD go on to say...

    "With songs penned by Ginger Wildheart and Willie Dowling as well a host of covers the most exciting thing was how her own songs stood up against these songwriting giants as equally fantastic. ‘Seven Day Summer’ with it’s hard rocking guitars and infectious melody stands out as an album highlight."

    Nice praise indeed - thanks guys!

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    14/10/2013 'I Blame You Entirely' released

    'I Blame You Entirely', the final album by Jackdaw4, has been released.

    The album (on CD and with digital download), was recorded live at The Borderline in London on June 6th 2013. The album consists of two sets, the first six songs are acoustic versions, followed by 12 songs of full 'electric' performances. All the songs are from the four Jackdaw 4 studio albums, 'Gramophone Logic', 'Bipolar Diversions', 'The Eternal Struggle For Justice' and 'Dissecticide'.

    Jackdaw4 - 'I Blame You Entirely'

    Givvi joined Jackdaw4 for their final show, and features in both the acoustic and electric sets on the album.

    You can buy the album here

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    22/09/2013 Giv rocks the 12 Bar!!

    Givvi's debut gig at the 12 Bar club in Soho was a roaring success!

    Giv, Jay & Eli opened the night for Willie Dowling & Chris Catalyst as they played through songs by their various different bands catalogues.

    Givvi onstage at 12 Bar, Soho

    Jay, Giv & Eli onstage at 12 Bar, Soho

    Giv had this to say the following day...

    "Mahoosive thanks to everyone who came out early to see us last night - we had a blast!"

    Givvi's set was filmed, so hopefully we will be able to do something with that in the future.

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    18/08/2013 TFTMN available on Bandcamp

    Givvi's debut album, 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' is now available to buy on Bandcamp.

    If you missed out on the PledgeMusic campaign, head on over to Givvi's Bandcamp page and pick up a copy of this stunning album!

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    16/08/2013 Givvi on a list!

    One of the songs from 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' has made Musical Free Dumb's list '8 Songs You'll Love From 2013'!

    'Seven Day Summer', written by Jay Clark and Givvi, appears on the list with Musical Free Dumb stating "...Seven Day Summer stands out the most with it’s hard rocking guitars and irresistible melody."

    Cheers guys!

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    15/08/2013 12 Bar gig SOLD OUT!

    Givvi's debut show at the 12 Bar Club in London has now SOLD OUT!

    Givvi's gig at 12 Bar is sold out

    Giv, Jay & Eli are all set to run through songs from 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' as they open the night for Willie Dowling and Chris Catalyst.

    This promises to be a cracking night. See you there!

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    12/08/2013 Givvi to play at 12 Bar Club!

    Givvi, Jay & Eli have been booked to play at the 12 Bar Club, London!

    Givvi and the boys will play their debut gig as support to a special one-off acoustic show by Willie Dowling and Chris Catalyst! Willie and Chris will be playing songs from Honeycrack, Jackdaw4, Eureka Machines, The Grip and more.

    Tickets for this show are expected to sell out quickly, so please head over to this link to get tickets NOW!

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    06/06/2013 Giv joins JD4 for final show!

    Giv joined Jackdaw4 for their final show at The Borderline in London!

    Givvi Flynn onstage with Jackdaw4

    Giv joined regular JD4 members Willie Dowling, Andy Lewis and Guy James, along with fellow newcomers Chris Catalyst and Denzil for a truly memorable night!

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    03/06/2013 TFTMN goodies have been posted!

    All of the 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' CDs, Shirts and Lyrics have now been posted!

    'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' goodies

    'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' lyric sheet

    Everything should start arriving with Pledgers in the next few days!

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    02/06/2013 Giv rocks out with The VU Sound!

    Giv has just completed a three-date show at The Swan Theatre in Worcester with The VU Sound.

    'The Way We Were' at The Swan Theatre, Worcester

    Giv joined her long-time partner-in-crime, Ria Keen, along with professional Elvis impersonator Kevin Paul and the 120-odd members of The VU Sound for a storming run of shows!

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    20/05/2013 'The Way We Were'

    Giv will be joining Ria Keen, Kevin Paul and The VU Sound for a '70s show at The Swan Theatre in Worcester on 30th May to 1st June!

    'The Way We Were' at The Swan Theatre, Worcester

    Expect stupid clothes, rocking anthems and lots of Elvis!

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    03/05/2013 Giv sings with The Loyalties!

    Giv was invited to sing with The Loyalties at their gig in Rugby!

    She joined Rich Jones, Tom Spencer, Rich Ragany and Simon Maxwell to blast through a rocking rendition of Loyalties track, 'Will To Kill'.

    Givvi on stage with The Loyalties in Rugby

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    01/05/2013 Pure Rawk review TFTMN!

    Another review has surfaced online, this time courtesy of the lovely people over at Pure Rawk!

    You can read the full review here!

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    01/05/2013 Pledge campaign now closed

    The PledgeMusic campaign for Givvi's debut album, 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest', has now closed!

    Giv had this to say in a Pledge update...

    "Now that everything is done and dusted, team TFTMN will get back on the case and place the orders for all of the physical items which we hope to ship out at the end of the month. Don’t worry – we will let you know when things go in the post.

    Finally, thank you so much once again for all of your support and making 2013 a truly great year for me. I would personally love each and everyone of you if I had the time."

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    30/04/2013 First TFTMN Review!

    The first review for 'Thieving From The Mapie's Nest' has just come in, and it's been given 11/10!!

    Check out the sterling review at Sinister Angels Realm!

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    29/04/2013 Pledge closes tomorrow

    The pledge campaign for TFTMN closes at midnight on 1st May!

    Make sure you head over to Givvi's PledgeMusic page to get the album!

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    25/04/2013 TFTMN in the pape!

    TFTMN has made the local press!

    Givvi in the Worcester News

    You can read the full article here!

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    13/04/2013 TFTMN RELEASED!

    'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' is now available to download from Givvi's PledgeMusic page!!!

    Go and download the album, and let us know what you think on PledgeMusic, on twitter (using the hashtags #TFTMN and #Givvi) and finally on Givvi's facebook page.

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    10/04/2013 TFTMN Complete!

    'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' has been completed and uploaded to PledgeMusic ready for the release on Saturday!

    Givvi Flynn - 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest'

    The album is released at 7pm on 13th April, and we will be throwing an online listening party. You can join us on the PledgeMusic site, on twitter (using the hashtags #TFTMN and #Givvi) and finally on Givvi's facebook page.

    See you on Saturday! Bring a bottle and a bird...

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    07/04/2013 TFTMN Photos added

    We've added a selection of photos from the TFTMN recording sessions to the Photos page.

    Work is currently (it's 2:56am) going on in two studios to get TFTMN complete, and it sounds fucking enormous. Sorry, FUCKING ENORMOUS! Seriously, you're going to want this.

    Pledge. Now.

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    02/04/2013 TFTMN Vocals complete!

    All of the lead and backing vocals for Thieving From The Magpie's Nest are now complete!

    Just a few finishing touches to go before the album is Mixed and Mastered. It's all getting very exciting now!

    Please continue to pass the FREE copy of 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' around - let's try and get this thing to 200%!

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    28/03/2013 More TFTMN news!

    Givvi's Pledge campaign has now hit 160%, thanks to 200 of you lovely Pledgers!

    Giv had this to say on her facebook page...

    "200 pledges, 160%. Today rocks!!! Keep 'em coming! :)"

    You heard the lady, ask everyone you know to pledge for 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest'.

    In other news, the full track list for 'Thieving From The Magie's Nest' has been released! The album will run as follows:

    • 01 Good Guys? (Eli Cameron / Jay Clark / Givvi Flynn)
    • 02 Without Emotion (Ginger Wildheart)
    • 03 TV Is King (The Tubes/Todd Rundgren)
    • 04 Seven Day Summer (Jay Clark / Givvi Flynn)
    • 05 Darlin’ (Danny Frye)
    • 06 More Beauty Than Before (Jay Clark)
    • 07 Dirty (Willie Dowling)
    • 08 Penny Arcade (Jay Clark / Givvi Flynn)
    • 09 The Chauffeur (Duran Duran)
    • 10 I Did It Again (Eli Cameron / Jay Clark / Givvi Flynn)
    • 11 Everyday (Slade)
    • 12 Thieving From the Magpie’s Nest (Jay Clark / Givvi Flynn / Eli Cameron)

    Giv has written notes behind each song as well, which is exclusively available on her pledge site.

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    19/03/2013 TWO FREE tracks!

    We've done it - 150%! To celebrate, Giv and the boys are giving away TWO FREE tracks!

    'My Selfish Gene' is being given away exclusively to Pledgers, and 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree' is free to anyone. That's right, ANYONE can grab this freebie!

    So if you've been considering pledging, but wanted to know what the album will sound like, head on over to download the FREE copy of 'Black Horse and the Cherry Tree'!

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    17/03/2013 FREE track at 150%!

    Things are continuing to go well in the studio, and the Pledge campaign currently sits at 148%.

    Following the recent addition of the Willie Dowling track to 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest', Giv has found herself with one or two more additional songs. One of these will be given away when the campaign hits 150%!

    So if you want to have a new free track, get your mates to pledge for 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest'.

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    01/03/2013 Exclusive Willie Dowling song!

    So, Givvi has been taking the Magpie theme a bit too literally - she's gone and stolen a brand new, exclusive, shiny song written by Willie Dowling!

    Giv and Willie met up recently, and Giv took the opportunity to ask Willie about a track of his that she'd heard. Willie very kindly offered the song to Giv, and it's going to be on 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest'!

    So there is now an exclusive Willie Dowling track to go with an exclusive Ginger Wildheart track!

    If you want to hear these tracks (and they are AWESOME), you need to pledge for 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest'.

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    19/02/2013 Second RJP review

    Another review of the Random Jon Poole album has surfaced online, this time courtesy of Strange Things Are Happening.

    "Still in that musical timeframe, Bleep Bleep Bedlam joyfully recycles My Sharona before vocal cohort Givvi Flynn elevates the song to breathtaking heights with her distinctive soulful tones. But, perhaps Givvi's greatest contribution – and, make no mistake, she is very much an essential part of the fabric here – graces the beautifully melancholic Dignity In Trauma which is heralded by stately orchestral synths reminiscent of Cardiacs at their most symphonic. Spellbinding, moving stuff."!

    Check out the full review here.

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    17/02/2013 Givvi on!

    It would appear that have posted a link to Givvi's pledge campaign!

    Givvi on

    I wasn't expecting that either... Do what NME tells you, and pledge for 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest' now!

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    16/02/2013 It's all happening...

    We have some statistics for you, and they are numbers.

    Givvi now has over 400 'Likes' on her facebook page! If you haven't liked the page yet, you can do so here.

    Also, there have now been more than 160 Pledges for Givvi's debut album - the campaign currently is currently sitting at 133% of the target! This is fantastic, as 10% of any money raised from now on will be donated to British Heart Foundation! But, you already knew that.

    It is also worth mentioning that a lot of Pledges have come from Japan! This is entirely unexpected, and absolutely fantastic! Domo arigatou!!

    Wouldn't it be fucking awesome to get the campaign to 150%?!! If you haven't already made a Pledge for 'Thieving From The Magpie's Nest', you know what to do...

    #TFTMN #Givvi

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    10/02/2013 RJP album review

    The first review of Random Jon Poole's solo album has been posted online.

    Musical Free Dumb have given the album a glowing review, and Givvi gets a nice mention too!

    Random Jon Poole's solo album

    "'Bleep Bleep Bedlam' comes next with it's new wave riff and the best fake record skip you'll ever hear. It also heralds the arrival of the fantastic Givvi Flynn who stamps her vocal style all over the album perfectly complimenting Jon's more rough and ready approach to singing."

    Click here to read the full review.

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    04/02/2013 Givvi hits 100%!!

    Givvi's Pledge album has 100% of the target!!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone that has pledged so far. Hitting 100% means that the album has now been funded and that it will get released!

    Please continue to pledge for the album at Givvi's PledgeMusic page though, as 10% of any money raised from now on will be donated to British Heart Foundation!

    As a further thank you for getting the pledge to 100%, we will be making a free (non-album) track available to pledgers at 7pm on 6th February!

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    02/02/2013 Pledge update

    Givvi's Pledge campaign has been live for a little over 48 hours now, and it currently sits at 78% of the target!

    This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you to everyone that has pledged so far. BUT, we want to hit 100%! Please continue to share the pledge on facebook and twitter. Don't forget, 10% of the money raised after hitting the target will be donated to the British Heart Foundation!

    Get involved at Givvi's PledgeMusic page!

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    31/01/2013 Givvi's Pledge campaign is LIVE!

    Givvi's Pledge campaign for her debut album is now LIVE!

    You can get involved at Givvi's PledgeMusic page, so please pass the link around on facebook and twitter to help Givvi get to 100%

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    28/01/2013 Givvi's Pledge campaign is coming!

    We have important news. The PledgeMusic campaign for Givvi's debut album is launching at 7pm on 31/1/13 - this Thursday!

    Givvi has been hard at work in the studio with Jay Clark & Elias Cameron for as long as we can remember, and the album is sounding fantastic already!

    Givvi, Jay and Eli in the studio

    We have been hard at work setting up the PledgeMusic campaign too, which is coming on nicely. Giv & Elias have also been working on the initial Pledge video and it is brilliant!

    Editing Givvi's Pledge video

    Editing Givvi's Pledge video

    Editing Givvi's Pledge video

    So, everything is set for 31/1/13 - are you ready?! Don't forget to sign up to Givvi's facebook page to get exclusive Pledge info prior to the launch! #TFTMN #Givvi

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    21/01/2013 JD4's "Dissecticide" reviewed

    A review of Jackdaw4's stunning "Dissecticide" album has appeared on, and Givvi gets a mention!

    "Then comes the twanging, surprisingly seductive slice of country that is 'What Goes Around Comes Around', where guest vocalist Givvi Flynn shimmers and shines"

    You can read the full review at the Rocktopia web site.

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    05/01/2013 Second Mutation album released

    'Error 500', the second Mutation album, has now been released!

    This is the sixth album recorded by Ginger Wildheart in 2012, and it is the most extreme of his recordings to date!

    It features Shane Embury (Napalm Death), Jon Poole (Cardiacs), Denzel (Young Legionnaire), Simon Wright (Canaya), Rob & Paul from Hawkeyes, along with guest appearances from Merzbow and Mark E Smith (The Fall), amongst others!

    You can get a copy of the downloadable album at Ginger's PledgeMusic page.

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    30/12/2012 Givvi has a new Facebook page

    We have launched a new Facebook page for Givvi!

    There has been a lot going on recently, so setting up an Artist page for Givvi seemed like the logical next step. You can expect some exclusive news on there in the next few weeks!

    Please head on over to the new page to 'like' and share it!

    Givvi on Facebook

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    29/12/2012 Random Jon Poole solo album released

    Random Jon Poole has FINALLY released his solo album!

    Jon had this to say regarding the decision to bring Givvi in for vocals on his album.

    "Now I'm nearing the album's completion and in a twist of fate decide to bring in an outside element to break up the self-indulgence so call my new friend, Givvi Flynn who comes over to mine for a few days and knocks out vocal performances that, for me, give this album the majority of it's identity and character. Not enough can be said about her contribution and I will always be eternally grateful to her."

    "I know youuuuuuu!"

    Head on over to Jon's PledgeMusic page to pick up this stunning album!

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    26/12/2012 Mutation - The Frankenstein Effect released

    The first of the two Mutation albums by Ginger Wildheart has been released!

    'The Frankenstein Effect' was recorded in 2011 and features a whole host of guests, including Givvi on backing vocals. In fact, Givvi is only 1 of 4 musicians to appear on both of the Mutation albums!

    You can still buy the Mutation albums (and Hey! Hello!) from Ginger's PledgeMusic page. Be quick though!

    The second Mutation album, 'Error 500', is released on New Years Eve.

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    28/10/2012 Givvi on tour with Wolfsbane

    Givvi had so much fun with Wolfsbane in Leicester, that the guys invited her to join them on selected dates on their UK tour!

    Givvi jumped on the stage at The Garage (London), The Robin 2 (Bilston) and on the finaly night of the tour at The Flowerpot (Derby), which was also Givvi's birthday!

    The Garage, London

    Givvi and Wolfsbane

    The Robin 2, Bilston

    Givvi and Wolfsbane

    The Flowerpot, Derby

    Givvi and Wolfsbane

    Givvi and Wolfsbane

    Givvi and Wolfsbane

    Giv had this to say after the tour...

    "Huge thanks to Wolfsbane for some fantastic fun over the past couple of weeks. I've got that morning-after loved-up-ness for Jason Edwards, Jeff Hateley, Steve Danger, Blaze Bayley, Lynne Edwards, Stix and Al. Thank you so much for having me. Gx"

    These photos are by the wonderful Trudi Knight. More photos coming soon!

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    19/10/2012 Jon Poole pledge hits 100%!

    The Jon Poole pledge campaign has hit 100% after just 4 HOURS!!

    Massive congratulations to Random, as this now means that this superb album is going to be released!

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    19/10/2012 Random Jon Poole pledge album!

    Random Jon Poole (Cardiacs, The Wildhearts, Ginger Wildheart band) has FINALLY decided to release his solo album via PledgeMusic!

    The album, recorded back in 2007, features Givvi on backing vocals and it is an absolute stunner! Check out Jon's pledge at the link below!

    Random Jon Poole PledgeMusic campaign

    Also available is the second album from Jon's other band, God Damn Whores. You know what to do...

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    17/10/2012 Wolfsbane @ The Musician, Leicester

    Wolfsbane kicked off their '2012 Wolfsbane Save The World UK Tour' at The Musician in Leicester, and Givvi joined them for part of the encore!

    Givvi joined Blaze Bayley, Jase Edwards, Jeff Hateley and Steve Danger to sing 'The Illusion of Love' and 'Limo'. It was a fantastic night, and Givvi is already looking forward to the next one!

    Givvi and Wolfsbane

    The lovely guys over at This Is Not A Scene were also on hand to give a sterling review of the show, which you can check out here!

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    15/09/2012 Givvi on Mutation II

    Givvi has just spent the day in London recording backing vocals for the second Mutation album by Ginger Wildheart!

    The Mutation albums represent the heaviest recordngs from Ginger since 'Endless, Nameless' by The Wildhearts. It's sure to split fans opinions once again!

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    09/09/2012 "Dissectacide" has been released!

    The new album by Jackdaw4 (featuring Givvi), "Dissectacide", has been released through PledgeMusic!

    Jackdaw4 - Dissectacide

    Jackdaw4 had this to say...

    "It's been an amazing few months being involved with you all with this Pledge campaign and we are delighted to present to you the digital version of the new album "Dissectacide".

    The album has just been mastered and we will be sending the master to the manufacturing plant next week to begin getting physical CD's made.

    In the meantime, enjoy the new album and thank you again for all of your help in making this such a huge success."

    Jackdaw4 - Dissectacide

  • 1. Abigail's Last Hurrah
  • 2. Foundations
  • 3. Ministry Of Fools
  • 4. Why Don't You Come
  • 5. Gone By The Weekend
  • 6. What Goes Around
  • 7. Monster's Ball
  • 8. Coming Up For Air
  • 9. Made of Stone
  • 10. Life's A Celebration (For The Few)
  • 11. Some Wonderland
  • 12. Melanoma
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    07/09/2012 The Jackdaw4 Pledge finishes today!

    The pledge campaign for the new Jackdaw4 album finishes later today!

    This really is your last chance to hop on to the Pledge ride and grab a bargain! The new album, "Dissectacide" will be released digitally in the next few days with the physical CDs being released shortly after.

    Has "What Goes Around" (featuring Givvi) made the album? Only one way to find out - PLEDGE NOW!!

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    03/08/2012 New Ginger Wildheart Pledge campaign

    Ginger Wildheart has just revealed his new PledgeMusic campaign.

    There are three new albums on the way - two 'Mutation' albums (the first featuring backing vocals from Givvi), and a brand new project called Hey! Hello!

    You can pledge for the new albums from Ginger's PledgeMusic page.

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    08/07/2012 "What Goes Around" available to download

    The acoustic version of "What Goes Around" by Willie Dowling and Givvi Flynn is now available to download from the Jackdaw4 PledgeMusic site.

    Head on over there now to download your copy, or sign up to the Pledge campaign if you haven't already done so!

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    30/06/2012 New Jackdaw4 Pledge video!

    The new Jackdaw4 Pledge video is now available to all subscribers!

    This video update features an interview with Givvi, and also a video of Givvi and Willie Dowling performing an acoustic version of the song "What Goes Around". A download version of the acoustic track will be available to Pledgers next week.

    Click here to get involved in the Pledge and to hear the new track! Tell your friends, and your friend's friends!

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    21/06/2012 Givvi has recorded with Jackdaw4!

    Remember that little teaser we gave you back in April? Well, we can now reveal that Givvi has been in the studio with Jackdaw4 and is set to appear on their new album!

    Jackdaw4 have started a PledgeMusic campaign for their 4th album, and they hit their 100% target in a matter of hours! Givvi went to visit Willie Dowling of JD4 back in May to record some backing vocals, and ended up doing a duet with Willie!

    The next video update from Jackdaw4 for the Pledge campaign will include footage of Givvi and Willie in the studio, and there is also an acoustic version of the track coming soon as a taster for the album

    So, you want to see this video, yes? Well, there's only one way to do so. You're going to have to pledge to the campaign!

    Packages start at £8.00 for a digital copy of the album. There are other packages available, such as a signed copy of the new CD (£12.00) all the way up to an acoustic gig by Jackdaw4 in your living room for £500.00!

    Get involved. You know you want to.

    Jackdaw4 PledgeMusic campaign

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    26/05/2012 Givvi completes the Walk to Alan!!

    Givvi has completed her marathon 26 mile Walk to Alan!!

    Giv has been raising money for The Prostate Cancer Charity and has currently raised over £1,200.00!

    Givvi on the Walk To Alan

    Givvi had this to say after the walk...

    "I'm alive!!! :o) What a day! I would never have made it without Percy Beardpower, Ria Keen, Jay Clark, Elias 'Eli' Cameron, James Wall, Sarah Colquitt, Gareth Sanders, Matt Maybanks and Melanie Winterflood. I have some seriously amazing friends.

    I'm not gonna lie, it was tough as hell - probably the hardest thing I've ever done but there was no way I was ever giving up.

    Thank you so much to everyone who's supported and sponsored me - you have no idea how much it means.

    I've just weighed myself and am 6 lbs lighter than yesterday morning. For this reason, I will be eating for England today and entirely guilt-free :o)"

    We are busy working on a little movie which we hope to have on the site in the next few days! Please check back for more updates soon.

    If you can, please sponsor Givvi at her JustGiving page.

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    12/05/2012 100 miles!

    Givvi has broken the 100 mile barrier in her training for her marathon walk!

    Giv is walking approximately 26 miles in aid of The Prostate Cancer Charity on 26th May, and has been training hard for the last few months!

    Givvi training for her marathon walk Givvi training for her marathon walk

    There will be a crew of friends supporting Givvi on her walk, and the plan is to update facebook and twitter with regular news and video along the way. If you can, please sponsor Givvi at her JustGiving page.

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    27/04/2012 Givvi back in the studio

    Givvi has lots of recording projects lined up for 2012!

    First of which is a reunion with long time partners in crime, Jay Clark & Elias Cameron. Giv worked with Jay & Eli on the 'Givvi' EP back in 2008.

    While the tracklist is being kept quiet at the moment, we can reveal that the recording will include a track written by Ginger Wildheart, 'Without Emotion', which will be exclusive to this release!

    There are a few more EXTREMELY exciting projects going on, but if we told you, we'd have to kill you...

    More news as soon as it's available!

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    21/04/2012 It Stinks of Eyes Around Here

    Givvi features on a new Ginger DVD, It Stinks of Eyes Around Here!

    The DVD was filmed by the wonderful folk at Ash Tv and is a documentary of 2 Ginger acoustic tours from 2011. The footage is of Givvi singing 'This Is Your Life' with Willie Dowling and John Steel of Jackdaw4 in Reading.

    It Stinks of Eyes Around Here

    You can find more information about 'It Stinks of Eyes Around Here' at the official web site here.

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    12/04/2012 Givvi hits 100%!!

    Givvi has hit 100% of her fund-raising target for The Prostate Cancer Charity!

    "I've made my target!!! Woo hoo!! Thank you so much to everyone who's sponsored me. And it doesn't stop there - Percy Beardpower is currently at 120% and I have to beat him! :o)"

    You can continue to sponsor Givvi at her JustGiving page. Alternatively, you can sponsor Percy here - ED ;o).

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    15/03/2012 Givvi is walking a marathon!

    Givvi is raising money for The Prostate Cancer Charity by walking over 25 miles!

    Givvi has this to say of her mad fundraising effort...

    "Just over a year ago, my surrogate-dad Alan (he's not genetically responsible but has plenty to answer for :o) ) was diagnosed with advanced, inoperable prostate cancer. To illustrate the uphill struggle this has become (and because I'd walk there if he needed me), I am going to walk from my home in Worcester to Alan (& my Mum - she's awesome too) on the top of 'their' hill, 25.73 miles away. Alan thinks I should start there and just get further away... :o)

    The date for this lunacy is Saturday 26th May 2012 - my plan is to leave home at around 5am and crawl (probably vomiting by then) across the finish line sometime late in the afternoon. This challenge is way beyond what's reasonable - my bottom is huge and I'll be dragging it up SO many hills.

    I want to raise as much money as possible and raise awareness so others can avoid the kind of year we've all just had, and the nightmare which is waiting. Guys - if you're over 50, demand a PSA test! Ladies, make your man get tested - this is not an old man's disease.

    Thank you so much."

    If you can, please sponsor Givvi! You can sponsor her at her JustGiving page.

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    09/01/2012 Wolfsbane Save The World released!

    'Wolfsbane Save The World', the first album from Wolfsbane since 1994, has now been officially released!

    Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane Save The World - featuring Givvi Flynn

    You can buy the album here.

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    03/01/2012 Wolfsbane Save The World reviewed

    The new Wolfsbane album, 'Wolfsbane Save The World', has been given a glowing 9/10 review by ThisIsNotAScene!

    Givvi sings on track 6 on the album, 'Illusion of Love', and provides backing vocals on track 8, 'Who Are You Now'.

    ThisIsNotAScene have this to say...

    "'Illusion Of Love' has Bayley going all "Meat Loaf" bouncing vocals off the delectable Givvi Flynn. Coming in at just over six minutes, it's a veritable epic by Wolfsbane standards."

    You can read the whole review here."

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    20/12/2011 New videos added

    Two new videos have been addded to the media page!

    The first video is of Givvi singing 'Animals' with JackDaw4, Chris Catalyst & Ginger at Islington Academy 2 on 16th December. The second is Givvi singing 'So Into You' with Ginger, Jon Poole, Rich Jones & Christ Catalyst at Islington Academy on 17th December!

    You can check out the videos here.

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    17/12/2011 It's that time of year...

    Ginger has had another birthday, which obviously means yet another birthday bash!

    Again, there were more guests than you could shake a stick at! Performers included Rich Jones, Chris Catalyst, 'Random' Jon Poole, Victoria Liedtke, Willie Dowling, Rich Rags, Jimmy Ashhurst, Jase Edwards, Toshi and CJ amongst many others!

    Givvi onstage singing So Into You

    Givvi joined Ginger (who was on drums!), Jon, Rich Jones & Chris Catalyst for a rocking version of 'So Into You', before peforming backing vocals on Wildhearts classic 'Just In Lust', which was sung by Ryan Jarman of The Cribs!

    Givvi had this to say after the Jackdaw4 and Ginger shows: "What a weekend! Too many people to thank - you're all legends and I love you all!"

    Photos and video will be uploaded as soon as we get them!

    Same time next year?

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    16/12/2011 Givvi a surprise guest for Jackdaw4

    Jackdaw4 played Islington Academy 2, and dragged Giv onstage as a surprise guest!

    So big was the surprise, that Giv didn't even know it was happening!! Givvi joined Jackdaw4, along with fellow guests Ginger & Chris Catalyst, to close JD4's set with a storming rendition of 'Animals' by Honeycrack!

    We know that there are photos and video of this out there, so expect them on the site as soon as we get them.

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    09/12/2011 'Givvi' EP selling out!

    The 'Givvi' EP has nearly sold out!

    Givvi EP - Givvi Flynn

    You can listen to clips of the EP on the Media page, where you can also buy the EP before they're all gone!

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    01/12/2011 Givvi on new Ginger CD, 'Kiss Alive II'

    Ginger has a new live album out, and there is a guest appearance from Givvi!

    Ginger Wildheart - Kiss Alive II - featuring Givvi Flynn

    The album, 'Kiss Alive II', was recorded live at HMV Institute in Birmingham on 6th May 2011. Ginger was touring with 'Random' Jon Poole, Jase Edwards & Willie Dowling. Givvi was invited on to the stage by Ginger for a rendition of 'Unlucky In Love'.

    You can buy 'Kiss Alive II' here!

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    09/09/2011 Givvi recording with Wolfsbane

    Givvi has just spent the day recording 2 tracks for the new Wolfsbane album!

    Wolfsbane - Wolfsbane Save The World - featuring Givvi Flynn

    'Wolfsbane Save The World' is the first new album from Wolfsbane for 18 years! '...Save The World' will be released in January 2012.

    Giv sings on the tracks 'Illusion of Love' and 'Who Are You Now'. You can pre-order the album here.

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    24/08/2011 Ginger @ The Cavern, Exeter

    Givvi has once again joined Ginger, Willie Dowling, Chris Catalyst & 'Random' Jon Poole on tour, this time at The Cavern in Exeter!

    Givvi on stage with Ginger, Jon Poole & Willie Dowling

    They again ran through a storming version of 'Unlucky In Love' and 'Animals'. Jackdaw4 frontman Willie Dowling had this to say in his blog following the gig:

    "Although it has to be said that I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Givvi Flynn who has twice on this tour jumped in to sing the hard bits on ‘Animals’, thereby preserving both my voice and the few remaining shreds of dignity I have left. Last night she also sang a steaming version of ‘Unlucky In Love’ while four cock-handed guitarists lumbered through a faltering, badly synchronised waltz behind her."

    There is a video of Givvi along with '4 cock-handed guitarists' performing 'Unlucky In Love' on the media page, here. You can read the full Jackdaw4 blog here.

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    21/08/2011 Ginger @ Esquires, Bedford

    Givvi recently joined Ginger, Willie Dowling, Chris Catalyst & 'Random' Jon Poole on stage at Esquires in Bedford on Ginger's latest acoustic tour!

    Giv sang 'Unlucky In Love' and then rocked out to Honeycrack classic 'Animals'!

    You can see photos from the show here.

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    26/07/2011 If I...If I...If I... The Songs of Squeeze Revisited

    "If I... If I... If I... The Songs of Squeeze Revisited" has now been released!

    "If I... If I... If I... The Songs of Squeeze Revisited"

    The 4 CD set includes "The Songs of U.K. Squeeze Revisited", "The Songs of Cool For Cats Revisited", "The Songs of East Side Story Revisited" & "The Songs of Argybargy Revisited".

    The stunning version of "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" which Giv recorded with long-time partners in crime, threads, is Track 1 on "The Songs of Argybargy Revisited".

    threads also have a rocking version of "Is That Love" on "The Songs of East Side Story Revisited".

    Full information of "If I... If I... If I... The Songs of Squeeze Revisited" can be found on the Burning Sky Records web site. Preview clips of each song are also available here.

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    20/07/2011 The VU Sound photos

    Here is a selection of photos from the recent sold out shows at The Swan Theatre by The VU Sound!

    Givvi on stage with The VU Sound Givvi on stage with The VU Sound Givvi on stage with The VU Sound

    Givvi on stage with The VU Sound Givvi on stage with The VU Sound

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    17/07/2011 Sold Out Theatre shows with The VU Sound!

    Givvi has just completed the last of 3 theatre shows with the magnificent 80+ vocal group, The VU Sound!

    The VU Sound played 2 sold out shows at The Swan Theatre in Worcester at the end of June, and have followed that up with another sold out show at The Norbury Theatre in Droitwich.

    Givvi was 1 of 3 Principals at the show, being joined by VU director, Ria Keen, and by Steve Maitland (Worcester) and Garry Rutter (Droitwich).

    All 3 shows were a resounding success, and raised a lot of money for M.E. Research and Invest in M.E.

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    21/05/2011 Raw Sex in Worcester

    Givvi opened up for Eureka Machines as part of Raw Sex, along with partners in crime Jay Clark & Neil Phillips!

    Givvi, Jay & Neil occasionally play in a covers band, and they change their name for each show... tonight it was time for Raw Sex!

    The gig was organised by Scandal Promotions, who Givvi runs with her husband Percy. And once again, Eureka Machines were magnificent!

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    11/05/2011 2nd Review of the JD4 Cardiff show

    A glowing review of the Ginger / Jackdaw4 show in Cardiff has appeared on Uber Rock written by Nev Brooks.

    You can read the full review here.

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    06/05/2011 Review of the JD4 Cardiff show have posted a review of the Ginger / Jackdaw4 show in Cardiff on their web site. You can read the review here.

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    06/05/2011 Givvi sings with Jackdaw4 in Birmingham

    The Ginger / Jackdaw4 tour has come to a close at HMV Institute in Birmingham... but not without a final appearance from Giv!

    Willie has once again invited Givvi up to sing 'This Is Your Life', and Ginger also got Giv up to run through 'Unlucky In Love'!

    Giv had this to say after the gig:

    "What a great night! And a great tour! Big love and thanks to Ginger, Jackdaw4 and everyone else xxx"

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    06/05/2011 Givvi sings with Jackdaw4 in Leicester

    And now Leicester! This is turning in to a good week!

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    05/05/2011 Givvi sings with Jackdaw4 in Reading

    Givvi again joined Jackdaw4 on stage, this time at Sub89 in Reading!

    Willie has luckily found his voice, but still invited Givvi up to sing 'This Is Your Life'. You can find photos here.

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    02/05/2011 Givvi joins Jackdaw4*

    * for a show in Cardiff. And what a show!

    Jackdaw4 are currently out on the road supporting Ginger on his UK tour. Unfortunately, Willie Dowling lost his voice, and he asked Givvi to step up to the mic!

    Willie posted on the Jackdaw4 web site:

    "I suppose the sickness began 48 hours ago. Certainly London gave little indication of the horror that would follow. It was John who first exploded in a thick shroud of snot and toilet paper, shortly followed by myself. John is not a complainer. I am. It hurt. It still hurts. Yesterday in a fug of Beechams and Karvol capsules I opted to call the only person who could possibly save us. So it was that Givvi Flynn stepped up on to the stage in Cardiff last night and sang our entire set completely unrehearsed. If you’ve never heard her, you are nothing short of an idiot. The girl is astounding and to use the vernacular, 'she saved our mothafuckin asses' and we are forever in her debt."

    Shortly after the impromptu Jackdaw4 set, Givvi was back on stage with Ginger and co. to deliver a storming rendition of 'Animals' by Honeycrack and 'Unlucky in Love' by Clam Abuse!

    Givvi had this to say the following day:

    "Well that was awesome. And terrifying. Best kinda fun there is :o)"

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    29/04/2011 "Pulling Mussels..." to get released!

    You may remember that Givvi was in the studio with Jay Clark & Elias Cameron of threads last year? Well, the track they recorded is to be included on the Squeeze tribute album!

    "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" was recorded at CNC Sonics in May 2010, and was submitted to Burning Sky Records along with threads version of "Is That Love?" and both tracks are on the forthcoming CD "If I... If I... If I... The Songs of Squeeze Revisited".

    You can pre-order the album here.

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    26/04/2011 - Givvi to sing with Voices Unlimited

    Givvi is joing Ria Keen, Steve Maitland & the 80 piece Voices Unlimited Contemporary Choir for 3 shows!

    These shows are guaranteed to be nothing short of spectacular! Come and see at the following dates:

    Friday 24th June, Swan Theatre, Worcester
    Saturday 25th June, Swan Theatre, Worcester
    Saturday 16th July, Norbury Theatre, Droitwich


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    17/12/2010 - Another birthday for Ginger... another gig!

    Following on from last years immense birthday show at Relentless Garage in London, Ginger has thrown another massive party for friends and fans!

    Givvi has joined another ridiculous line up including Ginger, Jase Edwards (Wolfsbane), 'Random' Jon Poole (Cardiacs / The Wildhearts), Rich Jones (The Loyalties / Sorry & The Sinatras), Dave Kerr (Sorry & The Sinatras), Chris McCormack, Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines) & Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol) with many other lunatics joining the fun! Oh, and Paul Cook of Sex Pistols!!

    Once again, photos can be found (thanks to the wonderful Trudi Knight) here.

    Same again next year?

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    31/10/2010 - Givvi back in the studio with Ginger!

    A nice habit is forming here... Givvi has been back in the studio with Ginger!

    Ginger has penned a track, 'Without Emotion', for the new album by Cherie Currie (The Runaways), and kindly asked Giv to record the demo!

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    02/05/2010 - Givvi & threads back in the studio

    Givvi has been in the studio again, this time recording with good friends Jay Clark & Eli Cameron of threads!

    They have been working on a cover of "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" which will be submitted for a Squeeze tribute album being put out by Burning Sky Records. Here are some photos from the session.

    Givvi Flynn Jay Clark Eli Cameron

    threads had their stunning version of "Joining A Fan Club" included on Burning Sky Records previous release, "Sensory Lullabies: The Ultimate Tribute To Jellyfish" and were invited to submit tracks for the new Squeeze tribute album. Check back to see if their version of "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)" has been included on the album.

    Givvi Flynn Eli Cameron Jay Clark Givvi Flynn

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    02/05/2010 - gets a makeover

    The web site has finally had a brush of paint and a tidy up! It's easier to maintain now, so expect more updates as and when they happen!

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    12/04/2010 - VIDLA Masterclass Series 2010 launched

    The VIDLA Masterclass Series will run in Worcester (led by VIDLA Principal and Master Vocal Coach Ria Keen) and in Bridlington / Scarborough (led by VIDLA SEO, West End artist & celebrated musical director / vocal coach Alex Weatherhill). There will also be a second guest vocal coach at each session, to ensure that everyone gets plenty of individual attention.

    This is a great opportunity to train with some of the VIDLA ‘top brass’ so don’t miss out!

    You can find out more about the VIDLA Masterclass Series workshops here.

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    29/03/2010 - Recording with JoePatroni

    Givvi has been in the studio to record backing vocals for a JoePatroni track titled "Close But No Cigar". The song will close the debut album by JoePatroni!

    Expect more news when it's available.

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    27/02/2010 - Recording with Ginger

    Givvi has just finished recording vocals for a new project from Ginger!

    The song "Patience & Gratitude", along with a short movie, is available exclusively on YouTube here and also features vocals from Ginger, Chris Catalyst, Jase Edwards & Samantha Jones.

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    19/12/2009 - Playing with Ginger

    On Thursday 17th December, Givvi had the enormous honour of being invited to sing with Ginger at his sold-out birthday show at Relentless Garage, Highbury, London!

    Givvi sang "Unlucky In Love" with Ginger and Alex Kane (Antiproduct) on guitar, Tom Spencer (The Loyalties) on bass and Denzel (Antiproduct) on drums. Other musicians involved throughout the night included Willie Dowling (Jackdaw4), Chris Catalyst (Eureka Machines), Rich Jones (Sorry & The Sinatras), 'Random' Jon Poole, Conny Bloom (Electric Boys), Vix (Fuzzbox), Scott Sorry (The Wildhearts), CJ (The Wildhearts), Nathan Connolly (Snow Patrol), Chris McCormack and Olga (The Toy Dolls) amongst many others!

    Says Givvi of the night... "This was, without doubt, one of the greatest gigs ever. I am eternally thankful to have been part of the fun."

    You can see photos from the night (courtesy of the fantastic Trudi Knight) here.

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    06/12/2009 - Playing with Willie

    Earlier this year, Givvi had the great privilege of working with the unspeakably talented Willie Dowling of Jackdaw4. They recorded an acoustic version of 'This Is Your Life' (from Jackdaw4's 'Gramophone Logic' & Givvi's EP) and also filmed a video with the award winning Monika Agorelius of CloseUp Productions! Click here to watch it!

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    06/12/2009 - Penny Arcade

    Givvi has been hard at work writing with her long standing friend & partner in crime, Jay Clark, on some new songs! You can check out the first of these, 'Penny Arcade' on the media player here, or download a high quality mp3 for free here (Right Click, Save As). Expect more soon!

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    06/12/2009 - G-Vox on the up!

    Giv's vocal tuition venture, G-Vox, is gaining momentum! The web site has also had a makeover, so go and check it out!

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    06/12/2009 - VIDLA

    Givvi's relationship with VIDLA continues to go from strength to strength, with lots of exciting plans for 2010!

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    06/12/2009 - Scandal Promotions

    Givvi has started Scandal Promotions with her husband Percy, booking some of the finest original bands and musicians for shows in the Midlands.

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    06/12/2009 - Selwyn

    Givvi has produced the latest album by her Dad, Selwyn, and has also recorded a track with him for the album!

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    06/12/2009 - Photos

    There have been some old & new photos added to the gallery, here.

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    06/12/2009 - Gig?

    There are rumours that Givvi may be hitting the stage for a special gig in December. This, of course, can not be confirmed or denied at this point. Oh, look! A badger with a gun...

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    16/05/2009 - Givvi part of Robert Lunte's European tour!

    The workshop was a huge success, many thanks to everyone who was there!

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    10/05/2009 - Givvi is now a Senior Lecturer for VIDLA

    See VIDLA - Vocalist International Distance Learning Academy(formerly Voiceworks International) for more information.

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    18/03/2009 - Givvi appearing on The 'Bridge

    Givvi is appearing on The 'Bridge radio (102.5FM) in Stourbridge and the surrounding area with Matt Skeldon between 21:00 & 23:00.

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    17/03/2009 - is launched

    Givvi has launched a web site to promote her new venture, G-Vox, in which she will be teaching private students the latest techniques in contemporary vocals.

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    27/05/2008 - The end of a very long, hard road...

    Givvi is awarded a B.A. degree in Contemporary Vocals following 17 months of research and study.

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    21/04/2008 - Givvi EP

    New 4 track CD (produced by Phonogenesis & CNC Sonics) released for sale. Tracklisting - Who Knew by Pink, Brazen (Weep) by Skunk Anansie, This Is Your Life by Jackdaw4 and The One That Got Away by Pink. Visit the media page to hear tracks, or click here to buy the cd.

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